Legacy Family Tree

Legacy Family Tree Legacy Family Tree is an Award winning full-featured genealogy program. Legacy`s merge capabilities are second-to-none among genealogy programs. The IntelliShare feature makes it easy for groups of two or more people to coordinate their works and stay caught up on each other`s changes. Legacy offers extensive multimedia support including pictures, sound clips, and videos. These can be displayed individually, in slide shows or even screen savers. The program imports and exports standard GEDCOM files as well as directly

TreeDraw Legacy Edition 4.3.0: Creates family tree charts by importing data from Legacy Family Tree.
TreeDraw Legacy Edition 4.3.0

Legacy Edition is a genealogy software package for producing high quality genealogy charts. Family trees are imported into the software from `Legacy Family Tree` V3-V8 databases. After importing the tree data, you can re-arrange the tree and add extra text and graphics before storing, printing or creating a PDF file. With our software it is easy to produce perfectly laid out charts and incorporate pictures, clip-art and other simple graphics. You

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The Euchmich Legacy 1.2: Bring the world to its knees as you live up to the legacy of a legendary pirate.
The Euchmich Legacy 1.2

The legendary pirate Euchmich is dead, and as his iron grip on the fifteen seas is released, the world is thrown into turmoil. Several notorious pirates resurface to carve out their own dominions. Take up the role of Euchmich`s descendant and try to live up to his legacy. Square off against the usurpers, pillage and plunder your way across the seas, and terrorize the coastal cities into submission as you rebuild the reign of fear.

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Legacy of Agony 1: Make your way through all of the agony in this legacy!
Legacy of Agony 1

Make your way through all of the agony in this legacy! Use the arrows to move, and z,x,c to attack.

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PCL2Text - PCL to Text Custom Scripting 8.795: PCLTool SDK Option V - PCL to Text Custom Scripting for Text Extraction from PCL
PCL2Text - PCL to Text Custom Scripting 8.795

PCLTool SDK Option V - PCL to Text Custom Scripting for Text and Check Image Extraction from Legacy PCL. PCLTool SDK can extract text from applications that generate legacy or complex PCL print streams. It can de-construct old style mainframe-generated bank statements with cancelled check images into text and individual TIFF images of each cancelled check image.

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Screen Scraping Library 3.5: Screen Scrape recognize text from all types of GUI and console windows with OCR
Screen Scraping Library 3.5

Screen Scraping Library helps software developers integrate new projects with existing and legacy software by capturing text from all types of windows. The screen scraper library makes it possible to capture and recognize text from GUI and console windows, Web pages and graphical images, and even full-screen applications with fancy fonts by using advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technologies.

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PASSPORT Host Integration Objects 2009-731: PASSPORT Host Integration Objects for 3270 and 5250 ActiveX/.NET Integration
PASSPORT Host Integration Objects 2009-731

PASSPORT Host Integration Objects is a Windows-based legacy integration solution that lets you programmatically connect TN3270/TN5250 applications with other ActiveX or .NET applications. Offers a path to host information at the screen buffer level, allowing you to read and write data to the host, open and close sessions, send function keys to the host and much more. Includes the object components, documentation, test programs and source code.

5250, 3270, legacy system integration, tn3270, activex, tn5250

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